About Pixelbox

Who are we?

We are a small family run business that are passionate about the home arcade experience. Being a small operation, we feel that we offer a personal service that is reflected in our products.

We've been designing and building arcade machines for over 10 years now, and pride ourselves on our quality and craftmanship.

Each arcade machine that we build is done so with love and passion, and most importantly, to an exacting standard.

We are so confident of the quality that we offer a free 1 year warranty with every machine.

Why Choose Us

At Pixelbox , we're passionate about retro-gaming and have been designing and building arcade machines for over a decade - it's fair to say that we know what we're doing and this shows in the finished product.
We design and build the machines ourselves, and over time these have evolved to the modern designs that we offer today. Boasting clean lines and an impeccable finish, our table top arcade machines are the pinnacle of retro-gaming.
For us, it's all about customer satisfaction; If you're not happy then we're not happy, it's as simple as that.

Unique Designs

When you order a machine from us, you get a unique, limited edition item. We only ever do limited runs of each design so you are assured a truly designer item.
However, if you want something slightly different than you see on our website then talk to us about customization.
We can customize designs, software, or even design you a one-off machine. And boy do we love to.
If you own a business and want a machine to match your branding, we can do that even down to the front-end. Just ask.

Superb Support

We only use quality, industry standard components in our machines, so problems are unlikely.
But of course, as with anything that has moving parts, things can occasionally go wrong.
For this reason we offer free 1-year return to base warranties on all parts, and free 2-year telephone support.
If something goes wrong outside of your warranty period, just return your machine to us and we'll repair it for a discounted price.

Pixelbox In A Nutshell

Six things about us that we believe set us apart from the competition.


We design in-house, using 3D and 2D design tools to model our machines. We are happy to customize our designs to suit our clients needs.


We cut our materials using state of the art CNC tables, giving sub-millimeter accuracy and a finish second-to-none.


We develop our own front-end software and release frequent updates, adding support for new games and software features.


Our hand assembled, unique designer tables are sold at incredibly competitive prices. We believe you can't get better for you money.


We offer a one year return to base warranty on all tables, with 2 years free telephone and email support.


At Pixelbox, we live and breath retro-arcade games. We play test every machine we build, mainly because we love playing them ourselves.


We strongly believe in engaging with our customers, and welcome any and all communication.
If you are interested in purchasing, viewing, discussing bespoke items, or would like more information then please contact us.

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