Graphene Arcade Table

Graphene Overview

Designed specifically for the living room, this is as much a piece of furniture as it is a retro arcade platform. Since last year, we've upgraded the specs on this to match those of it's little brother the Qubit.

Featuring a high gloss black center console with two player side-by-side controls, a spinner, LED illuminated buttons, a massive 24" widescreen LCD, 20 watt stereo sound system, and much more.

Power it on and you're ready to play within 20 seconds.
With over 1480 classic arcade games to choose from you'll be spoiled for choice.

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Graphene Features

The Graphene Arcade Table comes packed with tons of features. We'll try to cover most of them here.

Huge 24" Samsung Widescreen LCD Monitor

We've packed a huge 24" Samsung LCD Monitor into this machine. It has a 178 degree viewing angles in both h/v making this perfect for viewing from a sitting position. It also has a contast ratio of 1000:1 and a DCR of mega, meaning that blacks are really dark, and the colours leap out.

Arcade Standard Seimitsu Joysticks

We only use arcade quality joysticks in our machines. These Seimitsu joysticks have a light spring pressure and short travel, making them the joystick of choice for beat 'em up and shoot'em up games.

Blue LED Illuminated Microswitched Buttons with Chrome Trim

Power on the machine and these incredible microswitched arcade buttons light up neon blue. The buttons are housed in a chrome effect trim for added style.

Spintrak Arcade Spinner with Additional Flyweight

When it comes to spinners, the Spintrak is the ultimate solution. This ultra high resolution precision rotary control is perfect for playing games such as Arkanoid and Tempest. We've also added an additional flyweight, giving more inertia and a longer spin.

Front Mounted 20W Sound System with Integrated Headphone Jack

An arcade machine needs authentic sounds, and that's why we 've added a 20 watt stereo sound system. You can control the volume from the front mounted panel, and even plug in headphones if you don't want to disturb anyone else.

Bottom Mounting Power Connector and 3 Meter Power Lead

The machine is powered with a regular IEC kettle lead that plugs into the underside of the machine. The fused socket also has an easily accessible rocker switch for turning the machine on and off. We supply a 3m power cord, which should be long enough for most installations.

Bottom Mounted USB Charging Sockets

We recognize that when you're gaming you often want your devices with you. For this reason, we've integrated two USB charging ports (one for each player) on the underside of the machine so that you can charge your tech while you're playing. No more out-of-charge devices.

Game Card That Runs Over 1480 Genuine Arcade Games

Style and elegance are one thing, but we believe that software maketh-the-machine. Our front end loads in under 20 seconds, so you'll be retro gaming in no time. And with over 1480 games available, you'll be spoiled for choice. We make regular software updates which add additional functionality and additional games (for a suplimentary nominal fee).

Ultra High Gloss Black Center Console

The center of the machine is laminated with Polyrey Monochrom HPL. This offers a high level of impact and abrasion resistance, while also giving an incredible high gloss finish.

Stylish Gloss Varnished Plywood Table Ends

The table ends are CNC cut from birch-ply, assembled, and then simply glossed with polyurethane varnish and then buffed. This gives a satisfying shine with added impact protection. We can optionally add a tinted varnish to these if you require a different colour finish.

Toughened and Tinted 10mm Safety Glass

The table is topped with toughened safety glass. The glass itself is 10mm thick and tinted so that it almost completely hides the LCD monitor and controls from view when the machine is powered off. When the machine is powered up, the screen shines through crystal-clear and ultra-bright.

1 Year Warranty on parts and Year telephone support

We only ever use high quality arcade standard parts so failure is unlikely, but just incase you have a problem, we offer a free 1 year return to base warranty on parts and labour. We also give 5 years free telephone support as standard.

CAD Modelling

Our designs are modeled in 3D design software and exported into 2D CAD software ready for cutting. Every component is cut by machine with sub millimeter accuracy, giving incredibly clean lines.


The Graphene has been designed for living spaces, and as such is a little larger than our Carbon model. The dimensions are 120cm x 60cm x 50cm (L/W/D).


We are happy to customize any of our machines to fit your requirements. Some of the things that we're happy to change include; Control brands, colours, layouts, adding extra controls, theming the front end, different colour HPL, and much more. Simply enquire.

Graphene Video

See the Qubit in action.


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